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NJYRA is a member of the

United States Sailing Association 

Area "C"

NJYRA Welcomes all Sailors to the 2016 Season

2019 NJYRA Meetings
Updated: 04/15/2016

2015 Awards Dinner - January 31, 2016 at AHYC

2916 NJYRA Awards 2016 NJYRA Awards

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The North Jersey Yacht Racing Association (NJYRA) Mission is to:

  • Encourage and promote racing of sailing yachts under current rules as adopted by the United States Sailing Association;

  • Encourage and promote sailing activities among members of this Association and other groups with which it interacts;

  • Enforce rules governing sailing competitions and conduct of sailing competitions among member clubs of this Association;

  • Exercise advisory jurisdiction over activities carried on by member clubs of this Association;

  • Foster educational programs for training of members in the science of seamanship and navigation;

  • Promote educational and scientific purposes by aiding in training of amateur sailors;

  • Provide training for candidates and their crews for competitions;

  • Promote and make available to contestants in aforesaid sailing events new developments in design, construction, sails and rigging of craft of the type used in such contests;

  • Foster and promote public interest in participation of aforesaid sailing events;

  • Coordinate and aid candidates with information for these sailing events;

  • And generally aid and promote informational exchange among its member clubs and associations.

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