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Press Contacts


Contact: Bill Edwards in office after 5 pm Fax all race results
Phone: Ext 4417
(800) 822-9770 (in state)
(800) 248-2216 (out of NJ)
Fax: (732) 918-8333
Call Bill's phone number to confirm receipt of taxed results
Mail: Asbury Park Press
3601 Highway 66
Neptune, NJ 07754
Attn: Bill Edwards in Sports
Hand deliver to: Observer office
Robbins Street, Toms River
Address to: Inter-office Mail
  Bill Edwards
  Asbury Park Press
Deadlines: Wednesday by 6 pm for publication in Saturday's Community section.
Sunday by 6 pm for publication in Wednesday's Community section
Submissions: First and last name of winners
Participant's home town or yacht club
Photos welcomed but no guarantees


Asbury Park Press

Newark Star Ledger


Contact: Charlie Zusman columnist. In office after 6 pm
Phone: 973-392-4102
Fax: 973 392-5845
Mail: Charles Zusman
News Room
The Star-ledger
1 Star Ledger Plaza
  Newark, NJ 07102
Deadlines: Usually Wednesday night for Sunday publication
Call with something unusual (Thurs. regattas etc...
Submissions: First & last names, age, home towns and yacht clubs
Regatta results and human interest stuff.
No room for photos