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NJYRA Junior Sailing Knowledge Base

Each year at US Sailing’s “National Sailing Program Symposium” you will hear many of presenters tell you to use the material that is out there so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. That is the purpose of this area of the NJYRA website. Here you will find various articles, procedures and forms that either have been presented at various junior sailing seminars or developed by individual clubs over the years. In all cases we have the permission of the author or the club to repost the information here for your potential use. Please feel free to download any of the material presented here and modify it for your own potential use. If you have similar material that you think might be of help to others helping with running a junior program and wish to share it with the rest of NJYRA then please contact NJYRA junior committee chair PC Jeff Jacobi at

Current Contents Available are listed below. They are in Adobe Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). The Acrobat reader is availabe at no cost on the Adobe web site .

  DAILY CHECKLIST: A reminder list of things to check on daily during the course of a junior sailing program.
  EQUIPMENT & FACILITIES CHECKLIST: A very basic checklist for junior sailing program equipment and facilities. Something to get you started.
  JUNIOR PROGRAMS – ADDRESS THE PRIORITIES: A break out of priorities for junior sailing programs.
  LEGAL DUTIES: A sample listing of program legal duties
  LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: A sample template for sailing program instructor’s daily lesson plans.
  LEVEL 1 & 2 INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION: Areas covered by US Sailing level 1 & 2 instructor certification as of 2005.
  PAPERWORK : A sample list of typical junior sailing program paperwork.
  PARENT OF THE DAY: Setting up a parent of the day program.
  SAFETY IN THE SMALL BOAT SAILING PROGRAM: A list of daily safety points and risk management topics for a small boat sailing program.
  A TIME LINE: SAILING PROGRAM MANAGEMENT : A yearly time line for junior sailing program management.
  YACHT CLUB PARENTS: Working successfully with parents in the yacht club environment.

KIM HAPGOOD Seminar Handouts 3/06 Attracting - Hiring - Building Your Staff
    Instructors 201 - Managing Your Staff
    Program Improvement Through Useful Feedback
    No Wind Day Activities
    Responsibilities of Risk Management
    Youth Staff Orientation and Training

More to follow - Check back regularly

Please Note: Given the current legal climate, the material is merely presented here and is not officially endorsed or promoted by the NJYRA and it assumes no liability for the use of any of the material. Clubs are encouraged to consult with their individual club legal and insurance advisors on any of the material.